Kwik Kerb The Best Decorative Landscape Curbing Available

Why Kwik Kerb?

We apply a full 7 inch curb; this is the widest curb in the industry. This one feature alone makes our product far superior to the competition just in overall strength and durability. We provide our product with room to flex as the temperature changes and/or ground movements occur. This is accomplished by installing expansion joints every 3 to 4 feet. This allows our curbing the ability to move with these changes. Our concrete mix is stronger than most. We use a minimum of one part concrete to four parts aggregate. This creates for very strong, consistent concrete.

Our coloring process is superior as well. We use high quality commercial strength color products available only to concrete contractors. Kwik Kerb offers two unique and exclusive processes Eurobrick and Eurostyle. Eurobrick uses our exclusive coloring system called Kwik Kolor. This is a product designed especially for us to use in creating a high quality, durable finish to our concrete borders, giving you the authentic look of brick and mortar without sacrificing strength and durability. Eurostyle uses a similar Colorhard product that is actually mixed with concrete and applied topically and dries as your concrete curbing does. All of our color application is extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and weathering. Thereby concentrating all the color on the surface as opposed to diluting throughout the concrete curbing. We also apply an industrial strength UV (ultra-violet) protective sealer to the surface of the finished curbing after installation. This sealer adds additional strength by slowing hydration, and protects your concrete edging from stains, reduces fading and makes the surface of your curb very easy to keep clean by simply hosing off.

Benefits of Kwik Kerb

  • Greatly increases your curb appeal
  • Beautiful new look with long lasting beauty
  • Greatly improves landscape appearance by separating landscaping and sod
  • Color and style selection compliments the architectural style of homes and buildings
  • Easily accommodates circles, bends, straight lines, and right angles.
  • Durable and permanent
  • Fast, clean professional installation
  • Saves time on trimming and weeding while keeping grass out, mulch and rock in
  • Borders existing beds without disturbing landscape
  • Increases property value

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