Irrigation: Repairs

Once your system is installed, we provide ongoing support through our WaterGuard plan. With this we take care of all your system maintenance for five years including winterization, system start-up and check-out in the spring, and backflow preventer maintenance and recertification. Consider this scenario…

It's November and you're on a trip. You glance at the weather report and a cold front with a possible freeze warning is heading for home. Then you think, "Oh no, the irrigation system is still on..."

That repair bill will run you around $300. But with WaterGuard, you no longer have to worry. At the threat of freezing temperatures, our irrigation technicians will automatically winterize your system: we'll shut-off the water source and drain down the lines. And we guarantee your backflow won't be damaged, or we'll replace it!

We'll start-up your system again in the Spring

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